Training Courses

Wright Group Consultants now offer a broad range of qualifications through recognition of prior learning (RPL) & trades recognition. Utilizing our broad range of training packages, from Certificate III to Graduate Diploma's at competitive prices, let WGC turn your valued skills into Nationally Recognized Qualifications today!

- BSB30112 Certificate III in Business
- BSB40812 Certificate IV in F.L.M
- BSB51107 Diploma of Management
- BSB50207 Diploma of Business
- BSB60407 Advanced Diploma of Management

- BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and
- BSB51312 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
- BSB51413 Diploma of Project Management
- BSB51607 Diploma of Quality Auditing

Information Technology
- ICA50111 Diploma of I.T
- ICA60111 Advanced Diploma of Information
- Technology

Training and Education
- TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training &
- Assessment (full)
- TAE40110 upgrade from TAA40104
- TAE40110 upgrade from BSZ40198
- TAE50111 Dip of Voc. Ed & Training
- TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development

Community Services
- CHC40708 Certificate IV in Community Services Work
- CHC50612 Diploma of Community Services Work

- Hospitality
- SIT50313 Diploma of Hospitality
- SIT60313 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

Security & Risk Management
- CPP40707 - Certificate IV in Security &
- Risk Management

Surface Extraction Operations (Mining)
- RII20209 - Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
- RII30109 - Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
- RII40109 - Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations
- RIIRIS201B - Conduct local risk control
- RIIRIS201D - Conduct Local Risk Control
- RIIRIS301B – Apply risk management processes

- All Certificate IV = $1400.00
- AllDiploma = $1700.00
- AllAdvanced Diploma = $1800.00
(Inquires about Graduate Diplomas or other qualifications to brett@wrightgroupconsultants.)