Specialised Security

security guard   body guard  resized Wright Group Consultants provides Licensed Security Consultants who are able to provide extensive Security Risk Assessments as part of our proactive Protective Security Management Program and Corporate Business Continuation and Recovery Planning.

Wright Group Consultants delivers a full suite of security and protection services for clients globally including designing and delivering complex security management systems for remote, austere and fragile environments through to the provision of security services to mitigate loss, support health, safety and environment systems.


Our Risk Management Program includes the following services to qualified Corporate, Government Agencies and Private Individuals;

  • Security Management and Policy Development
  • Bomb Threat Management
  • Security Risk Analysis (Risk Assessments)
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing and Audit
  • Business Continuation and Recovery Planning
  • Crisis and Emergency Management
  • Information Security Policy Development
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Maritime Security
  • Travel Advice
  • Aviation Protection

4257873199 f7b8e32146 zSecurity Risk Analysis

Security Risk Analysis (Risk Assessments) and Penetration Testing is fundamental to the security of your organisation. It is essential in ensuring that controls and expenditure are fully appropriate to the risks to which you are exposed.

In response to the increased tempo of global terrorist operations Wright Group Consultants has developed a specialist department that assess an organisation's security profile and threat vulnerabilities from terrorism or sabotage.

Wright Group Consultants employs its team of highly trained ex-military planners and analysts to assess the weakness of a clients' security strategy, operational plans and existing protective security measures; devising tactics to breach and defeat them, in the same way that a terrorist might. This service is delivered by conducting a comprehensive Security Risk Analysis and security penetration or planning test exercise. After which the client is advised on issues that may affect their organisation's business continuity or incident management plan.

WGC hand-picks its staff from the highly regarded  Special Forces and Military Combat Units, all of whom have expert knowledge and experience in breaching security systems, often in hostile environments. No other organisation can offer its clients this level of bespoke and expert insight into the effectiveness of their security profile.


The world in which we live now differs greatly to that of yesterday and we now find that Protective Security has become fundamental in everyday business operations. Wright Group Consultants can evaluate your current procedures and in consultation with you will work towards developing improved policies and procedures. 

vip-close-protection-securityCLOSE PERSONAL PROTECTION

Wright Group Consultants approach when selecting Close Protection staff is unique within the industry. We only employ individuals we have trained or who have served with the Special Forces or Australian Military. This unrivalled selection process ensures that the people afforded with your protection are fully licensed, fully vetted and trained to the highest standards.

The key to our continued successes is not only the staff we deploy, but the philosophy our operations department adopts with our clients. During the consultancy phase of any Close Protection operation we take the time to fully understand the client’s needs to ensure that we provide the correct level of service that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Wright group Consultants has extensive experience in supplying security services & close protection personnel to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), VIPs, corporate clients and the entertainment industry in both hostile and corporate environments.

We are able to provide Close Protection operatives in Australia, Europe and virtually any country in the world. Utilising our immediate response team Wright Group Consultants has the ability to deploy a single operator or Close Protection Teams to any part of the world within 48 hours (visas and flights permitting).

By selecting Wright Group Consultants to provide you with Close Protection services you are ensuring the highest level of service and security in the world market.


Wright Group Consultants’ maritime security operatives are experts in maritime security audits and assessments. These are tools to assess the relevant threat and recommend the appropriate equipment, procedures and counter-piracy measures to be designed into the security plan, whether that be of a ship, port or offshore installation. They are also placed to audit the security procedures already in place, including operation of the various systems and the drills of crew and staff.

Standard Operating procedures and training of crews and staff forms the vital part of any maritime security plan. Wright Group Consultants’ training department provides port and ship security training, performing realistic threat scenarios based on the client's security plan assessment. Drills and Exercises performed will not only confirm if there are weaknesses in the security plan, but will help ensure staff is proficient at handling a variety of security threats and situations. Our goal is to help Port or Ship Security Directors to cost-effectively and comprehensively comply with their relevant security regulations, successfully transitioning from theoretical security to the practical ability. Ultimately, the maritime security planning process must develop and implement measures to reduce port and ship vulnerabilities.

Wright Group Consultants is also able to undertake training specific to hostage situations, arming employees and crew with the knowledge of what to expect should their ship or offshore facility be overrun, resulting in a hostage situation. This can include training key personnel in hostage negotiation: a hugely important asset to have in such a volatile situation.


The huge growth in air travel has made every Airport a potential terror target and it is now a key area where intense security is an absolute requirement.

The Aviation industry is therefore no longer considered a safe, non-political global transportation system moving goods and people safely from one place to another but rather a potential liability that exposes all nations to the threat of terrorist attack.

Terrorism of course is not the only threat facing Airports and the international aspect of flight means that air travel is often used for criminal activity such as drug and contraband trafficking.

Airports and the Aviation industry require specialised security solutions and in an age of elevated threat the identification of suspicious activity amongst passengers and staff in and surrounding Airports are imperative.

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